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Matchbox's Voltron III vs. Trendmasters' Voltron


With the Trendmasters Voltron Five Lions Set available at most Toy R' Us stores, many Voltron fans who missed getting the Matchbox version can buy this one. Unlike Matchbox's which was expensive at that time (about $39.99 to $89.99), Trendmasters is affordable for the average person (retail is $29.99). Now you might be asking, "What's the difference between the two sets?" The answer is: plenty.

Let's state the good things about the Trendmasters Voltron first:

  1. The price!
  2. Has a 17 piece arsenal(Matchbox had the Blazing Sword and Star sold separately)
  3. No lead paint

    Now that we stated the positive things of Trendmasters' toy, let's make a step by step comparison between this toy and the one Matchbox put out back in the 80's:

    1. Black Lion-
      • Has paper stickers compared to chrome foil stickers
      • Face is molded black instead of blue
      • Has red stickers on chest instead of paint
      • color of yellow parts are lemon instead of yellow
      • No green foil sticker on lion's forehead
      • Chrome painted parts are cheaper(they chip easily)
      • Detail not painted near lion's belt section

    2. Red Lion-
      • Has paper stickers compared to chrome foil stickers
      • Color is slightly brighter
      • Abdomen part is molded gray instead of silver
      • Feet joints are slightly different
      • Tail is molded black instead of silver
      • Has fin near rear part

    3. Green Lion-
      • Ditto

    4. Blue Lion-
      • Has paper stickers instead of chrome foil stickers
      • Color is lighter
      • No red plastic near ear(Chrome head piece is molded differently)
      • No firing mechanism on head
      • Red launcher is smaller
      • Skinnier tail

    5. Yellow Lion-
      • Has paper stickers instead of chrome foil stickers
      • Has a lemon color instead of yellow
      • No red guns on inner ears
      • No round discs on ears
      • Eyes are painted blue/green instead of metallic blue
      • Skinnier tail

      Other than having a brighter colors, fins on the arms, and cheaper material, the Yellow Lion is hard to pull of when taking apart Voltron. This is because the Trendmasters Yellow Lion has a slimmer back end than Matchbox's.

      Considering the price of Trendmasters' Voltron set, it is still a bargain. Where else can you get a diecast metal Voltron with accessories for that cheap? Surely, this toy would be a collector's item in the near future.