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Name: Princess Allura (Princess Farla)
Age: 16
Height: 5' 6"
These statistics are based on the Golion series

As princess and the ruler of Arus (The Kingdom of Althea), she feels she must protect the people of the planet. She tries to fit in with her teammates who had special training in piloting ships. After Sven (Shirogane Takashi) is severely wounded (dies in the Golion series) in battle, she pilots the Blue Lion which becomes the right leg of Voltron(Golion). Although her lack of experience in piloting seems to be a burden to the rest of the team at times, her persistence in trying and her courage more than compensates for those problems.

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.
* the red lettering indicates an event that happened only in the Golion series.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

Five years after the Voltron Force defeated Lotor and King Zarkon's Doom forces, Voltron was retired. Allura devoted her time to study the secrets of the lions. Allura has grown wiser and more assertive as ruler of Arus and as the pilot of Blue Lion. No longer the inexperienced, unsure girl who wanted to fit in with her teammates, Allura has grown to be their equal.

When Lotor escapes from Bastille-12, allies himself with space pirates, and rebuilds the forces of Doom, he poses more of a threat to the Galaxy Alliance than ever. With the guidance of the spirit of King Alfor and the mystical spirits of the lions, Allura is ready to face whatever challenges awaits her.

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