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Name: Haggar(Honerva)
Age: ?
Height: ?

Haggar's (Honerva's) loyalty shifts between King Zarkon (Great Emperor Dybarzal) and his son, Lotor (Sincline) depending on which one would benefit her the most. She is the creator of Robeasts, monsters enhanced with Doom (Galra) science and her black magic. Most of the time, she carries around her dark blue cat, Corba. She often goes to Arus (Althea) undetected to do her evil deeds. She is able to deflect laser blasts with her staff and can use it to kill people. Both deadly and mysterious, most of the people on Arus(Althea) fear.

In the beginning...

She was once a beautiful sorceress who used her powers for good. She was in love with King Alfor and hoped they would be together even though their planets were at war. Angry at being rejected by Alfor, she joined King Zarkon, who made her think he was in love with her. When King Alfor was killed and his castle destroyed, Haggar's heart became darkened and she became ugly. She continued to be loyal to Zarkon even though she knows he doesn't love her.

Occasionally, she likes to change her appearance when no one is around.

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.
*the green lettering indicates information added to Voltron that is not in the Golion series.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

After Voltron defeated Lotor's Doom forces, Haggar hid in the Dream Dimension with the Castle of Doom. Haggar waited for five years until Lotor escaped to ask for her help. Haggar's lust for the powerful magic of the lions would make her aid Lotor...even in his foolish obsession with Allura. She continues to create new Robeasts to help Lotor in his quest to conquer all the planets of the Galaxy Alliance.

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