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Name: Hunk (Seidou Tsuyoshi)
Age: 18
Height: 6' 2"
These statistics are based on the Golion series

As the mechanic/engineer of the group, he repairs the lions when needed. He is the strongest and also the biggest member of the team. He gets along with children which is probably why his closest friend is Pidge(Suzuishi Hiroshi) . He pilots the Yellow Lion which becomes the left leg of Voltron(Golion).

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

Five years after Voltron's last battle with Lotor, Hunk and Pidge are still together repairing old junk spaceships. Hunk is, however, tired of all the "dumb" jokes Pidge uses on him. Yearning for action, Hunk is glad to rejoin the Voltron Force when Lotor escapes from his prison.

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