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Name: Keith (Kogane Akira)
Age: 16
Height: 5' 9"
These statistics are based on the Golion series

As team leader, he is bold and is able to get out of tough situations. He thinks of his teammates first before himself. His closest friends are Sven(Shirogane Takashi) and Lance(Kurogane Isamu) . He also has feelings towards Princess Allura(Princess Farla) which comes out in certain situations. He pilots the Black Lion which becomes the head and body of Voltron(Golion).

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

Keith continued to work with Galaxy Garrison after Lotor's last battle. Somehow, the years of following orders seemed to soften him a bit. He followed orders closely instead of acting out based on gut feeling. This all changed when Lotor rebuilt the Doom forces. Keith was forced to disobey orders from Amalgamus due to Lance's rash attempt to stop Lotor himself. Thinking about his team members, he and the others helped Lance but Lotor escaped. Keith is now following his instincts when he discovers that Amalgamus is being manipulated by Zarkon, whose secret motives are to conquer the planets in the Galaxy Alliance with his son, Lotor, after learning more about their strengths and weaknesses.

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