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Name: Prince Lotor(Prince Sincline)
Age: ?
Height: ?

As the son of the ruler of Planet Doom (The Great Galra Empire), Lotor (Sincline) is just as evil as his father. He does not tolerate mistakes made by people working under him and often kills them when angry. He is obsessed with Princess Allura (Princess Farla) and often jeopardizes his plans when he tries to possess her. He is a skilled warrior but sometimes underestimates his opponents (especially the Voltron (Golion) Force), which is his undoing.

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

After Voltron defeated his Doom forces and crippled his ship, Lotor was horribly disfigured. He was given cybernetic parts in order to survive. Unfortunately, his anger against the Voltron Force was heightened after this incident. Five years later, he manages to escape his prison cell at Bastille-12 and recruit space pirates Lafitte and Quiqueg to aid him. After visiting the Dream Dimension to get the Doom Castle back and convince Haggar to rejoin him, his fleet is rebuilt. He constantly receives help from Zarkon, who is posing as an ambassador to infiltrate the Galaxy Alliance. Although he seeks revenge against the Voltron Force for disfiguring him, Lotor is still obsessed with Allura.

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