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Name: Pidge (Suzuishi Hiroshi)
Age: 12
Height: 4' 8"
These statistics are based on the Golion series

The youngest member of the team he is quite intelligent. He has the brains of a scientist and is skilled in gymnastics. He was orphaned when he was younger and has a younger sister on Planet Terra though his home world is Balto (which later gets destroyed). His closest friend is Hunk (Seidou Tsuyoshi). He also has a brother in the Voltron Vehicle Force. He pilots the Green Lion which becomes the left arm of Voltron(Golion).

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.
*the green lettering indicates information added to Voltron that is not in the Golion series.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

Still a technical genius, Pidge helps Hunk repair old space junk when Voltron was retired. He still likes calling Hunk, "Dumb and clumsy," even though he isn't. Although, he has grown in the past five years, he is still childish in manner. Still a boy, his appearance fools others into thinking he is weak when, in fact, he is a skilled gymnast and fighter.

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