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Voltron:The Third Dimension® Galaxy GuardVoltron®

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Usually, when there's a deluxe toy, there's always a 6" toy that follows. This was true with the Popy®/Bandai® toys and theirGoDaikin® line. Matchbox® also released a 6" toy (copied from the Golion® toy) after releasing the deluxe toy.

Looking at this figure, one might want to compare it to the Matchbox® Voltron® 6" figure. Unfortunately, I don't have one available but can tell the differences between the toys. The detail of the Galaxy Guard Voltron® is deeper. You can make out all the detail at a glance. There is, unfortunately, no chrome painted parts like the old Matchbox® figure but it is painted better (the old figure didn't have all of the parts painted).

This figure is a lot more fun because it has an open cockpit to put a 1" Keith figure in. As you can see in the picture, the chest opens up and a detailed cockpit is shown.

The Keith figure is more colorful than the Keith figure of the 11" all-plastic Mighty Lion Force Voltron®. It is also a little smaller.


The Blazing Sword and Space Cutter are included as well as a firing cyber cannon with two missiles.

When you compare the Blazing Sword of this figure with the Matchbox® one, you notice a big difference. The Matchbox® Blazing Sword for the 6" figure is much bigger
(about 6"). The Trendmasters® sword is only 4 1/2" long. The details are not as deep in the Trendmasters® sword and there is no "cross" on the sword handle.

Anyways, the Matchbox® Blazing Sword and Shield was not included with the 6" Voltron. You had to buy that separately. At least Trendmasters® includes everything you need.
If you missed getting the Matchbox® Voltron then get this one. The Trendmasters® Voltron is much better (and cheaper too!). The Matchbox® Voltron retailed about $18 - $25 back(!!!) in 1984 while the Trendmasters® Galaxy Guard Voltron® retails for only $6.99 right now.

This figure is jointed in the head, arms, legs, and knees. It's a good toy for the price of some action figures these days.

Now if they could only make a few Robeasts this size...

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