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Name: Sven (Shirogane Takashi)
Age: 16
Height: 6' 0"

Brave and a good fighter, he is focused during tough situations. He was second in command until he was "retired" (killed in Golion) by Haggar (Honerva) and her robeast. He used to pilot the Blue Lion which is the right leg of Voltron(Golion). He met Princess Romelle when she was held captive on Planet Doom. In Golion, he was actually Shirogane Takashi's younger brother, Cho, who was a prisoner of the Galra Empire. He is not as level-headed as his older brother and is quick to act without thinking which, later, is his undoing.

Romelle saw how angry he was and calmed him down. They both escaped Planet Doom together with the help of the Lion Force. Sven (actually, Cho) helped lead the ground attack to overthrow the Drule Empire (Galra Empire). Bent on stopping Lotor (Sincline) (in Golion , he was bent on revenge for his brother), he rushed in the Castle of Doom and shot Lotor's (Sincline) decoy. He was forced up the top of the castle by Lotor (Sincline) and was used as hostage until the Lion Force surrenders. While the Space Mice distracts the prince, he fights the prince, destroys the Pulsar Cannon in the process, and then falls from the top of the tower. Both he and the prince fall into a moat (they actually fall to the ground and die in Golion). Afterwards, he decides to live on Planet Pollux in a village near Romelle (this happens only in Voltron).

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.
* the red lettering indicates what happened in Golion.

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