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I decided to add pics to show you the slight differences.

(Wait a few minutes to see them below)

For those of you who missed it the first time/ threw yours away/ got it stolen by a cult group/ broke it/ etc., this figure is good news to many. It should be available everywhere by this time. Trendmasters' Voltron retails for $29.99 at Toys R' Us (cheaper than most of the Power Rangers toys and made of diecast metal too!).

For those collectors out there who still have a mint in box Golion, Lionbot, Matchbox Voltron III, or any other diecast metal Voltron , do not fear. People still want the old figures (though not as much as before). For those who have (or had) the Matchbox Voltron, you will like Trendmasters' Voltron better. For those of you who had the original Golion or the Asian copies, you might be disappointed in this toy.

Here are the differences between this toy and the Asian Golion figures:
(Please note: In the pics, the original Voltron figure is on the left (or top in some cases). Trendmasters is on the right (or bottom in some cases).

There are a few problems this toy has:
1. The Yellow Lion is hard to pull off when separating Voltron(It's true!)
2. The stickers are not adhering well to the plastic
3. This toy is made of a cheaper diecast metal
4. The chrome parts seem to chip after use
5. Blue and Yellow lions have plastic legs instead of metal
Other than that, it's still a good toy for the price. Pick one up if you don't have one. Like all Voltron figures, this one will be a collector's item in the future.

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