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Voltron:The Third Dimension® Mighty Lion Force®

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In the early 1999 assortment, Trendmasters® re-worked the deluxe 11" diecast set and made an all plastic version (heavy modifications) . This all plastic version is 1/4" taller than the diecast toy. Gone are all the little swords and non-firing launchers (the Blazing Sword and Space Cutter still remain...and it's chrome silver this time!). The chrome painted parts on the diecast toy are painted plain silver this time. This plastic Voltron is a little fatter than the diecast one (as you can see in the picture below).

This toy has some new features:

Trendmasters® gives you a choice of buying the Mighty Lion Force® box set
(suggested retail price: $29.99) or individually packaged lions (Black Lion: $7.99, Red and Green Lions: $7.99, Blue Lion: $7.99, and Yellow Lion: $7.99). There are no differences in the contents between the set and the individual lions.

Looking at the Black Lion, we see there are similarities between it and the diecast metal one
(after all, it is the same toy with huge modifications).

If one takes a closer look at this toy, one sees:

The Red and Green Lions are much fatter now. Their heads are the same as the old ones (except the launching part tips are much longer) but the body is totally different. They do not have the silver abdomen joints which allows Voltron (look at the previous pic of the lions WAY above). Those monsterous fins are back(Ugh!)! I guess Trendmasters® loves that design!

The cockpits are on the upper backs of the Red and Green Lions.Their tails are now small red things which can fit on Voltron (but hard to pull apart!!!). They have wheels on the bottom to roll (non-motorized).

The Blue and Yellow Lions are almost the same but is fatter a little due to the motorized pull-back feature. Both lions have been simplified (the front shoulders don't move in and out when moving the lion's head up and have to get the diecast toy to know what I'm talking about). The cockpits are on the heads of both lions.
This feature is why I like this all plastic Voltron. The Blue and Yelow Lions also has a missile firing feature that pops up and shoots when the lion is rolling forward.
Both lions have tails and also a red connector to fit onto Voltron
(look at the last Black Lion pic).

The 1" people are highly detailed. With a little pin or toothpick and acrylic paint, you can make them look like the characters on TV. I think Hunk should have been fatter and Allura thinner.

The missiles are quite few. As you can see in the accessories below, that's all you get (I just put the Red and Green Lions' heads there because they are projectiles).

This all plastic Voltron is a great toy to add as part of your collection. It sure beats the Panosh Place® Voltron. It makes me wish there was a Vehicle Voltron figure with opening cockpits and fifteen 1" pilots. I hope Trendmasters® would consider making one in the future. I'd definitely buy one!

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