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Name: King Zarkon(Great Emperor Dybarzal)
Age: ?
Height: ?

Zarkon(Dybarzal) is the ruler of Planet Doom(The Great Galra Empire) and the conqueror of planets. Often, his army takes people prisoner from other worlds to make as slaves who are constantly tortured and killed. He has an arena set up to watch slaves die by the hands of the Robeasts. He is not hesitant in killing people who fail him. His thirst for power is unlimited. He will not rest until he conquers every planet in the universe...including Arus (Althea).

* the blue lettering indicates the Japanese name.

Voltron - The Third Dimension

Zarkon, knowing he cannot win against Voltron because his fleet is weakened, pretends to change from his evil ways after Lotor's defeat. He was called "The Great Peacemaker," a name which he earned during the five years when Lotor was imprisoned. While he talks of peace, his real motives are to learn the secrets of the Galaxy Alliance (strengths and weaknesses). He often helps Lotor by secretly broadcasting information. He manipulates Amalgamus into giving the Voltron Force a hard time. His time at Galaxy Garrison is short, however, as the Voltron Force learns of his true nature and intentions.

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